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Mr. Najam Ul Islam
Chief Executive

Mr. Nadeem Abdul Salam
Head of Contracting Division

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Showroom & Office No. 9, Ground Floor
Annum Estate, Shahrah - e - Faisal, Karachi.
Ph: +92 21 454 0510, +92 21 439 7052 & 53
Fax: +92 21 438 0148

Shop No. 3 Building No. 24-C,
Khayaban - E - Jami, D.H.A Phase VII Karachi.
Ph: +92 21 824 6998, +92 21 539 5561

N.T.N : 0909-4024117

The organization was formed in the Year 1984 by its founder Mr. Najam Ul Islam, an Engineering Professional carrying vast experience of Plumbing and Air-conditioning, with a broad vision of providing quality services to Construction Industry. His seriousness in business transformed a small plumbing contracting company into a multi facet organization with almost a dozen sister concerns successfully dealing with the products or services related to Construction Industry with and annual turn over of more than 100 million Rupees. A brief description of the activities performed by each company is listed in detail in the following pages. This was made possible by, not only with the tireless and sincere efforts of Mr. Najam, but also by the dedicated team of professionals employed by him, who were moving along shoulder to shoulder in all ups and downs of the company during this period.


The company, under the leadership of its founder and chief Executive and sincere workmanship of its employees, is continued in its efforts to progress and maintain its policy of providing services that qualify for high standard, reliability and dedication.


List of completed projects include Five Star Hotels, Consulates, Hospitals, Residences, Pharmaceutical Factories, Farm House and Water Parks. These jobs were completed with the best satisfaction of the clients and consultants. Besides, some of our team members are qualified and have successfully completed large projects in and outside the country.

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The following projects are being executed currently by "M/s NADEEM ASSOCIATES" with regard to PLUMBING & FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM.

1.    M/s. Metro Cash & Carry Karachi
2.    M/s: Creek Vista Project D.H.A, Karachi.
3.    M/s: Merck Sharp & Dhome Pakistan Ltd Karachi.
4.    M/s: Cowesjee School of Midwifery Lady Dufferine Hospital Karachi.
5.    M/s: Arif Habib Center Queens Road Karachi
6.    M/s: Afshan Amjad Residence D.H.A, Karachi
7.    M/s: Waheed Asghari Memorial Trust.
8.    Mr. Shahid Ahmed Residence K.D.A, Scheme No. 1 Karachi
9.    Mr. Nageen Arshad Fazil Residence D.H.A, Karachi
10.  Mr. Saeed Ather Residence D.H.A, Karachi.
11.  Centre Point Tower Project
12.  Sofitel Tower Project
13.  SICPA Inks Pakistan.

The following projects were successfully completed by "M/s NADEEM ASSOCIATES" with regard to PLUMBING & FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM.


1.    M/s: Aga Khan University, Karachi.
2.    M/s: Aga Khan Garden School, Karachi.
3.    M/s: Aga Khan Maternity Home, Hyderabad.
4.    M/s: Aga Khan Maternity Home, Karimabad.
5.    M/s: Aga Khan Maternity Home, Garden Karachi.
6.    M/s: Aga Khan Girls Hostel, Hyderabad.
7.    M/s: Aga Khan Medical Center Karachi.
8.    M/s: Aga Khan Maternity Home and Diagnostic Center Karachi.
9.    M/s: Aga Khan Housing Board Karachi.
10.    M/s: Sea Breeze 750 Beds Medical Center, Karachi. 
11.    Hospital at Jam Nawaz Ali, Distt Sanghar.


12.    M/s: Spencer Pharma.
13.    M/s: Park Davis Company Ltd.
14.    M/s: Platinum Pharmaceutical Company
15.    M/s: Smith & Nephew Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
16.    M/s: Knoll Pharmaceutical.
17.    M/s: Pfizer Laboratories.
18.    M/s: Hoechst Pakistan Limited.
19.    M/s: Sandoz Pakistan Ltd.
20.    M/s: Squib Pharmaceutical.
21.    M/s. Park Davis Co.  Ltd.,


22.    Cozy Water Park, Karachi.
23.    Acme Water Park, Hyderabad.
24.    M/s. Chiqu Water Park, Karachi.
25.    M/s Palm Village, Karachi.


26.    M/s: Karachi Club.
27.    National Bank Sports Complex Karachi
28.    M/s: Southend Club (Pvt) Limited D.H.A Karachi
29.    M/s: Sawat Serena Hotel, Sawat.
30.    M/s: Quetta Serena Hotel, Quetta.
31.    M/s: Karachi Boat Club.
32.    M/s: Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi.
33.    M/s: Avari Hotel, Karachi.
34.    M/s: Serena Hotel, Gilgit.
35.    M/s: Marina Club D.H.A, Karachi.
36.    M/s: Sindh Sports Board, Hyderabad.
37.    New Defence Club Karachi.
38.    M/s: Karachi Sheraton Hotel.
39.    Mr. Alamgir House, Karachi..


40.    M/s: Manzoor Allah Walla.
41.    M/s: Al-Haram I - II Tower Tariq Road Karachi
42.    M/s: Sasi Royal Residency Clifton
43.    Mr. Mian Sharif Residence
44.    Mr. Noor Muhammad Residence
45.    Mr. Nisar Motiwala Residence
46.    Mr. Mushtaq Allay.
47.    Mr. Saya's Banglows.
48.    Mr. Khuwaja Mansoor Mairaj.
49.    Mr. Mohammed Jaffar.
50.    Mr. Haleem Ghori.
51.    Mr. Zahid Adamjee.
52.    Mr. Aga Feroz.
53.    Mr. Capt. Asif.
54.    Mr. Tariq Bawany.
55.    Mrs. Nadira Punjwany.
56.    Mrs. Sabahat Aftab.
57.    Mr. Misree Shah.
58.    Mr. Khalid Hasan
59.    Mr. Iqbal Bhatti.
60.    M/s: Nazim Feroz.
61.    Mr. Aftab Qazalash.
62.    Mr. Shahid Ahmed.
63.    Mr. Talpur.
64.    Mr. Salik Chundrighar.
65.    Mr. Hammed Jafar.
66.    M/s: Gul Ahmed.
67.    Mr.  Abbasi House.
68.    Mr. Zia Isphahani.
69.    Mr. Jahangir Siddique.
70.    Mr. Capt. Imran Qureshi.
71.    Hawa House. Adam Mosque.
72.    Mr. Tariq Islam.
73.    Mr. Zulfiqar Lakhani.
74.    Baluchistan House. Extension Islamabad.
75.    Kashana-e-Atfal.
76.    M/s: Granulars House.
77.    Mr. Alamgir House.
78.    Mr. Mumtaz Feroz House.
79.    Al-Hamra House.
80.    Dr. Alvi Bungalow.
81.    Millat Garden, Malir.
82.    Mrs. Zohra Abedin Lotia.
83.    Bilawal House.
84.    Mr. Shahnoor.
85.    Mr. Lawai.
86.    Mr. Anis Ismail.
87.    Mr. Hanif.
88.    Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq.
89.    Mr. Jawed Iqbal.
90.    Mr. Haji Younas.
91.    Mr. Mutahair Hussain
92.    Mr. Iqbal residence Clifton.
93.    Arshad Alam .


94.    M/s: ABN AMRO BANK Country Office Building , Karachi.
95.    M/s:Cable Landing Station Hawksbwey Karachi.
96.    Afzal Motors Factory Port Qasim
97.    M/s: Continental Biscuits, Sukkar.
98.    M/s: Copula Pakistan (TGFI), Karachi.
99.    M/s: M.C.B. Abbottabad.
100.    M/s: All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Co-operative Housing Society.
101.    M/s: Kutchi Memon Society.
102.    M/s: Karachi Parcy Institute.
103.    M/s: World Trade Center, Karachi
104.    M/s: Siddque Sons.
105.    M/s: Atlas Autos (Honda) (Pvt.) Ltd.
106.    M/s: French Consulate.
107.    M/s: U.A.E. Consulate.
108.    M/s: Al-Burhan Complex.
109.    M/s: Zaman Textile Mills Ltd.
110.    M/s: Modern Motors Ltd.
111.    M/s: Atlas Bot Lease Bank at Federation.
112.    M/s: S.M.S. School.
113.    Church at Nasir Colony.
114.    Old Frairs.
115.    Kashana-e-Atfal.
116.    M/s. Atlas Investment.
117.    M/s. Principal Builders.
118.    M/s. Karachi Grammar School.
119.    Bank Faisal
120.       Karachi Grammar School.
121.      M/s: Metro Cash & Carry Lahore.
121      M/s:  Metro Cash & Carry Islamabad.
122    Gharib Residence DHA Karachi.

Mr. Aftab H. Gillani
Head of Projects Division

Syed Azhar Kazmi
General Manager Sales & Marketing.
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